Success Stories

Success Stories
” I have a herniated disc in my low back and go for therapy. I sit at home at night and it helps take the pain away and it relaxes me; also my dogs love the scents. ” Dale U. – Spring Grove,Pa.

” I have 2 heating pads. One I use for heat and wrap it around my neck when I get pain and then twenty minutes later I pull my cold pack out of the freezer and put it on.” Mary W. – East Berlin,Pa.

“As a massage therapist I am always looking for ways to go the extra mile for my clients. I have found that in Pinch of Comfort heating pads. I apply one to the clients back while I am working on their feet and legs, which helps the back mucles to relax and accelerates the healing process. I also look forward to using my own heating pad after a hard days work!” Christine S. – Marietta, Pa.

“I’d like to share my testimonial. I’m a mail carrier and often over work my right shoulder. During the winter months the cold seems to settle in that area which causes it to ache. That’s when I pull out my “Handy-dandy” heating pad and welcome the soothing relief. Thank you Sarah! I hope your business soars!” Penny S. – Hanover, Pa.

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One thought on “Success Stories

  1. I ordered two of the lumbar support pads. I appreciate that you processed my order promptly. I like the description of total ingredients list being included and explained, and the thank you note. Those are all very nice touches! Of course, I am thoroughly enjoying the pads also. I’ve placed one on my mattress, and lay on it at night. I haven’t heated or cooled this pad as yet. When I first lay down, the pad has its own cool sensation, which gradually begins to warm as I stay on it. It brings a soothing way to drift off to sleep. As I breathe deeply prior to sleep, I can inhale the herbs, which really feels like they are enhancing my lungs and airway. I did used to be more congested in the morning, which is a bonus that was unexpected, but certainly welcome! Thank you Matt and Sarah for your products, and the way you handle your business. I believe I am a raving fan!

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